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Quarry Hill Creative Center in Rochester, VT, founded 1946 by Barbara and Irving Fiske, is Vermont's oldest alternative community and at one time was probably also its largest. In the 60s -80s, as many as 90 people lived here.
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We welcome interesting and creative people who are peaceful, bring no weapons, don't believe in hitting children or killing animals, and enjoy the beauty of Vermont and of themselves.

Most of us do not adhere to any particular dogma or religion, though many do find Eastern philosophy closest to our own thought (some of us are also members of the Quakers/Society of Friends).
We value the individual, particularly people who are energetic and have a sense of humor.
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"The symbol is the enemy of the reality, and the reality is ever one's true guide, true friend, true companion, and true self." Irving Fiske, 1908-1990

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Neglected children more likely to have stroke as adults...

Chidren who suffer abuse and neglect are more likely to have mental illness and to be prone to strokes  later in life, according to new research, this article says.

Sometimes it seems that almost every day now, more proofs of Quarry Hill's point of view about children -- that they should never be spanked, neglected, called names, and abused in any other way-- are confirmed by scientific study.
They also and find more support in the general consciousness (of those who have not been so abused and neglected themselves that they can hear nothing new or compassionate about children) and become part of social protectiveness towards the young

Irving and Barbara Fiske,  in the early 1950s, were saying things no one wanted to hear then-- "Children are ambassadors from another dimension and should be given full diplomatic courtesy"--
as well as "Adults must remember that they look like insane giants to children," and much more. They would try to prevent the torment children typically went through in the Fifties, before, and after, and would threaten to call the police if they saw an adult slapping or spanking a child by the road we travelled so frequently.

These new studies bring the truth out into the light. Human beings-- why even HAVE children if you don't want to give them love and grant them full human rights-- the right to be free of fear and suffering at the hands of "insane giants?"

Please think about these things. Someone's  future depends upon it-- and while it may not be your future, that person, one's child, perhaps, has the right to be cared for while young and may exact revenge when YOU are old and helpless as they are now....
If they don't have a stroke first.

-- Isabella Fiske McFarlin (Ladybelle)

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