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Quarry Hill Creative Center in Rochester, VT, founded 1946 by Barbara and Irving Fiske, is Vermont's oldest alternative community and at one time was probably also its largest. In the 60s -80s, as many as 90 people lived here.
It was and is visited each year, often in summer (but in every season, really) by visitors from all over the world.
We welcome interesting and creative people who are peaceful, bring no weapons, don't believe in hitting children or killing animals, and enjoy the beauty of Vermont and of themselves.

Most of us do not adhere to any particular dogma or religion, though many do find Eastern philosophy closest to our own thought (some of us are also members of the Quakers/Society of Friends).
We value the individual, particularly people who are energetic and have a sense of humor.
Visitors are welcome-- and prospective residents, too. There are some places for rent, others for sale. If interested, get in touch!
And, please follow the Blog and comment whenever you like!

"The symbol is the enemy of the reality, and the reality is ever one's true guide, true friend, true companion, and true self." Irving Fiske, 1908-1990

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner at Quarry Hill

Quarry Hill will have a Thanksgiving dinner this year again, as we did last year. It was a great gathering. Though I won't be here this time (I'll be in Princeton Jct., New Jersey to see Joya and  Maliya, my stepdaughter Corin's new baby), I am very happy that there will be a big get-together.
Quarry Hill people are not all vegetarian but the vegetarian tradition of Quarry Hill goes all the way back to Irving's connection with   George Bernard Shaw.  Shaw was very proud of his vegetarianism and longevity.

A man of my spiritual intensity does not eat corpses.  ~George Bernard Shaw

I would say that Barbara, who will barely swat a fly, is the greatest defender of animal rights who has ever lived here and has had a strong influence on QH's vegetarianism. (It is not required to be a vegetarian here, but no animals may be killed at QH.)

I wonder if she was influenced by the great artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, also a vegetarian?
(-- Ladybelle)
We live by the death of others: we are burial places! I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.
~Leonardo da Vinci 

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