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"The symbol is the enemy of the reality, and the reality is ever one's true guide, true friend, true companion, and true self." Irving Fiske, 1908-1990

Saturday, September 18, 2010

House, M.D. and the sexual "shippers"

Even as a fan of Hugh Laurie and the supporting cast of House, M.D.  who is looking forward with much expectation to the Season 7 premiere on the 20th (**TWO! Count them, 2!*** days, as some of the more motor-revved fans might write it), I am a bit overwhelmed by some of the ideas attached to video and salivated over by the most dedicated "shippers." I think this  is short for worshippers. I first encountered this web-based phenomenon when The West Wing was going off the air, which was, to be sure, a sad day for all of us who loved that supremely well-written show.  The Josh and Donna "shippers" were poring over every tiny spoiler detail that slipped out, and were practically doing in their pants what they wished they could see the actors Brad Whitford and Janel Maloney do on-screen. The final denouement of TWW was, I thought, relatively restrained, and probably not nearly salacious enough for the fans (or the "pajama people," as Aaron Sorkin called them.
Now, "shippers" of House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, whose appearance as Laurie, Sam Seaborn's friend who happened to be a prostitute on The West Wing probably helped her get the job as Cuddy),  House's  boss and sudden girlfriend, are waxing ever more passionate. The "Huddy" fans pore in a most unrestrained manner  over videos, clips, many-times-seen exchanges between the two actors, and a few escaped spoilers.
I was rather startled to see, on one site, an image of Hugh Laurie facing Lisa Edelstein, she lying on a bed, he wearing boxer shorts and a watch, and she obviously performing SOME act on him-- which, I understand from Ausiello's blog and other places, is an image of her kissing House's scar. The fans were not all willing to accept this. Was she kissing his scar, or "kissing his scar," ha ha?
Even if it were possible to show an act of love between them in which one performs oral sex on the other, which it is not, even for "House," which takes as many liberties with the uptight rules of the networks as it is possible to take, so what? Is that somehow less an act of true love than her kissing him on the scar, or the lips, or making love to him? I feel sorry for Mr. Laurie and Ms. Edelstein. Of course this is great for their careers (and Laurie should really have won an Emmy for last season's finale performance, I feel), but it does seem to be slopping over into the realm of soft porn. I am sure the producers and writers are well aware of this and are capitalizing on it, but it seems to me that the "pajama people" might wake up a bit and see how much of this kind of real love they can put in their own lives, rather than slurp over what, exactly, this fictional doctor is doing to that fictional doctor. I'm going to be watching the show, and I hope for the best for House and Cuddy, but I really think it goes too far when a show that's about medical mysteries (and the people who solve them) become a kind of porn for the night people...
Oh well. I'm being too mean... compassion. Karuna, as Huxley says in Island-- or the birds in the trees say... have compassion on all these who have, perhaps, not even one lover in their lives...

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